I attained my degree in Public Relations Management at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2017). I currently work at an advertising agency as an Account Executive.


I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter whose strong personality matches my own. She is fearless and opinionated, I love the fact that she knows she has the freedom to be expressive and loud about matters that are close to her heart. She is the work of art, created to perfection and she is everything I had imagined and more.

Who am I?

  • I’m at peace when I’m surrounded by the ocean, the wind blowing in my face, the quiet, the stillness and listening to the sound of the waves makes me feel centred. .
  • I love how liberated I feel when I dance, it makes me feel purposeful and gives me a sense of wholeness. It’s like catching new breath, like I’m okay and safe and almost as though everything will be alright. I feel at the centre of God’s presence, I feel alive.
  • I also enjoy a good read, I try to read all my books as much as I can. With everything going on around me, its an escape for me, at least a healthy one. A good read allows me to disappear for a moment in someone else’s perspective. I enjoy it because it calms me.
  • I don’t think there is anyone who enjoys taking walks like I do. I bury myself in my thoughts sometimes just to replay the vision and the dream I have for myself. I pay attention to the knowledge and understanding that my mind is intimate with. I open my mind to a lot of possibilities but I am very vigilant with what it consumes.
  • There are million other things that are interesting about me; I am hoping to share some of my truths from my own lenses; the stories and choices that shaped the woman I have become.

This is a journey of a young mom who is imperfect. progressive, healed and evolving!!!