“You have no right to judge me if you’ve never walked a day in my shoes.” This is a phrase I hear quite a lot when people feel misunderstood or judged for certain choices they had to make in their lives. And I agree with it.

It is easy to judge something you do not know or understand. It’s the same way we judge one another for the having different beliefs. But understanding that we come from different backgrounds, raised differently, trained differently and basically lived separate lives that are foreign to somebody else is enough to show each other kindness, the Cross is enough to show each other compassion even if we don’t agree with the choices we make.

My friend and I were discussing how quickly we judged the Pharisees for what they did to our Saviour. As we matured into our faith, the Holy Spirit revealed some uncomfortable truths about ourselves that we never thought of; one is – we are both not different to the people that crucified our Lord Jesus Christ and this truth was a difficult pill to swallow. Maybe we wouldn’t go as far as crucifying Him but we were questioning whether if we lived in those days, would we believe?

We had to ask ourselves some really deep questions and honestly be transparent with God about who we are so that He can enlighten us in areas that needs understanding. Pastor Michael Todd often says “God cannot bless who you pretend to be, He can only bless who you are.” Honestly, if Jesus stood right in front of you right now, would you recognise Him? Would you accept Him, and would you follow Him? The Pharisees were teachers of the Word; they knew scripture all the way but couldn’t recognise the Messiah in front of them, they couldn’t see the fulfillment of the Word walking amongst them. That messed us up!

We judge situations with no understanding of the roots. The same way we probably would look at Jesus sitting opposite us and not see what we had imagined in our heads. Do you love people enough to see beyond their appearance? Because this is what God calls us to do when He asks us to love one another.

If you can’t do this simple act, how would you know who Jesus is if He would stand right in front of you right now? You would probably judge Him by how He looks, where He’s from, how much money He has? What kind of family He’s born into? And we think we are different. Come on saints! The Lord says “…for the man sees the outward appearance, but the Lord sees the heart.”

We look at a situation and completely decide on people with no understanding and then contradict ourselves by saying to them “you are not what you have done”. This sort of judgement blocks our hearts from receiving messages that are meant for us because we refuse to hear from the people we consider unworthy, forgetting that Jesus can use just about anything and anyone.

Understating this has been a journey of discovery for me and my friend. This enlightenment has pushed us to seek more, to know more, to dig deeper into the Word and see more of God’s heart. What scares us the most is the thought of one day sitting in front of a man we loved and served dearly and not identify Him.

Do you know the signs of the second coming of Jesus? What does the Word reveal to you, let’s discuss below….

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